Do you or your staff complain about meetings? Do you dread attending yet another meeting and describe it as a waste of time? Do you want the expertise and independence of someone external to help create new direction or momentum?

Using a facilitator can improve the quality and outcomes of your meetings and decisions.

Facilitators provide you with a process so that engagement is improved, contributions can be valued, issues raised and considered and ideas captured. Facilitators are not part of the decision making but they use their skills to allow you to reach consult widely and reach decisions that are fair, principled and less likely to exclude or invite sabotage or passive dissent.

When might you benefit from a facilitator? If you want to hear and consider a variety of opinions; if you want to consult widely before you make a decision; if you are intending to propose or implement a controversial idea; if your team is stale or not pulling together well or even dysfunctional, using a facilitator can be a useful strategy for improving the experience of meetings.

At Around the Table Solutionz, we can provide you with facilitation so that your meetings will be more productive and an event to be positively anticipated rather than avoided.

We will work with you and use flexible processes designed and tailored to your needs.

You might consider using a facilitator when you are having a strategic or annual planning retreat or meeting; when you are setting goals or deciding on a direction or evaluating a previous decision or plan as a group; when you have a number of proposals to consider or when you are brainstorming or team building.