Boss Whispering

I. Institute Progress

The Boss Whispering Institute is the world’s first organization dedicated to research and training in the field of coaching abrasive leaders, including medical, legal, and academic professionals. In pursuit of our mission to reduce suffering in the workplace caused by perpetrators of workplace bullying, the Institute is currently training executive coaches, organizational practitioners, and conflict specialists (including mediators and ombudspeople) worldwide. We are pleased to report that over 70 Institute members from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.S., Scotland, Singapore and Switzerland have completed training in the Boss Whispering method, with Denmark and South Africa planned for later this year.

II. Institute Research

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) is commencing research on the Boss Whispering method. This marks the first time in history that research will be conducted directly and simultaneously with abrasive leaders, as well as their coworkers and employers.

III. Institute Founder

The Institute’s founder, Dr. Laura Crawshaw, has been asked to be a keynote speaker at the 8th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment this June in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her chapter, entitled “Coaching Abrasive Leaders: Contradictory Tales of the Big Bad Wolf” appears in the newly-released book Workplace Bullying: Symptoms and Solutions, edited by Noreen Tehrani (Routledge Publishers). We also invite you to view a 3-minute interview (below) on Canadian HR Reporter TV with Dr. Crawshaw on the importance of employer intervention with abrasive leaders.